Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The last time I cried was when the events of which I unfortunately suffer from brain cancer. Maybe this is one of the tests that need to be satisfied because I had seen every test in my life is often only tested such an extent appearance. The most pathetic when he tried to hide the illness from me. And most burdensome himself when he had to face the test alone. When I know the truth, in many ways I do that he is not too weak and desperate with the accepted tests. Perhaps thanks to the power of God he can cope with the calm and resolute. Had fallen ladder falls. That is life and I had to pass a test when my great grandfather died in the forthcoming examination in the near future.Crying is often only flow if the recognition of the loved ones gone before. The test may receive a bit of added my belief that every life is not necessarily illuminated only excitement but often also marked by sadness. And I'm sure with the promise of God, the more tests that we have received from God the higher prestige in the eyes of our God. The same with me, I am confident that God was testing me this way. I am resigned to the fate of Allah...


Sunday, July 4, 2010

fesT assGnmeNt wIf MisS naDraH..

The name was given is “ Nurul Amira Bt Rusliee”. Uollss can call me Miera or miya:)Sweet 19teen.Currently,studying at POLITEC Kuantan Pahang in land Surveying course.Am totally in love with fashion & believes that fashion is abt being comfortable & confident in your own skin.Its about having your own individual style which makes u outstanding and totally "[Y]unique:)I hate discrimination (fat vs slim, dark vs fair, beauty vs beast). .i love singing n sleeping..i have 2 brothers n 6 dad is name Rusliee bin razali n my mother name is Zuraashikin bt Mustapha.. what i can say i love my family very mucx..n of course i need someOne to understanding wif my life,,i was a little girlz n alwaz epy..fest thing i was dream is i want to have a honda accord car..i love it very mucx..

this is my family